Shyla Shy – The Shyla Shy Jackumentary

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The Shyla Shy Jackumentary

The Shyla Shy Jackumentary

Shyla Shy came our way at the very end of 2008. A Florida girl, Shyla first tried to get into mainstream modeling, like brassiere catalog work, but she was greeted with a chilly reception.

"I'd go on calls, and they'd tell me I wasn't tall enough, or my boobs are too big, or I don't weigh the right amount," Shyla said. "I was supposed to do another video for a record modeling company. I told them I was 170 pounds, and he said, 'Send me a picture.' So I did, and he said no. He said I wasn't skinny enough."

Their loss was the T&A man's gain when Shyla tried adult modeling. She saw no shame in this game. "I had no problem with getting naked in front of the camera," Shyla told one of TSG's editors on her first day here.

"My boobs started growing when I was about 12. I always had the biggest boobs of any girl in my class. I thought they were going to keep growing forever, and then they stopped when I was 16." But Shyla's jizzable jugs didn't stop growing as you regulars know. If you don't know, you'll see in this Jackumentary.

This special XLGirls "Jackumentary" is dedicated to Shyla. She has now retired after a very horny four year run, longer than the average model who bares all. We will look back and marvel at Shyla's past four years, from her beginning through her Mamazon, pre-pregnant and pregnant scenes and climaxing with her recent post-preggo time.

Quiet and unassuming, the word "shy" in Shyla's name was not a mistake. But her actions spoke way louder than her words. It's hard to believe that Shyla won't be bouncing and jiggling at the XLGirls' studio anymore. But the pictures and videos will always be here to enjoy over and over again.

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Download Super Sized Boobs And Butts Scene 1

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From: Venom
Starring: Emma Heart
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Download Big Bodacious Knockers 7 Scene 4

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From: Lethal Hardcore
Starring: Kya Tropic
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Double-Dicked 38DDD Blonde

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Double-Dicked 38DDD Blonde

Double-Dicked 38DDD Blonde

XL Girls hottie Skye Sinn has a big appetite for life and a big lust for cock. Skye doubled pleasure with two guys. They are here to serve Miss Sinn a double-feature fuck.

Skye's X-Men work over the huge, huge tits that look ready to pop out of her purple and black lacy brassiere. A knock-out sight in her skyscraper heels, Skye towers over these two dudes. She's got that Amazon thing going. It'll be an adventure in climbing to new heights.

Skye gives Rocky a nipple-sandwich while Tony sticks his fingers past her pussy-gates and digitizes her pinky-hole. The sensations of Rocky's tongue licking her nipples excites Skye and the same thrill-ride is happening down below.

Skye drops to her knees on the floor and takes both dicks in hand. She sucks and pulls on each one, then gets on the bed, both guys at her sides. She keeps jerking them as Rocky finger-bangs her hard.

Now, who's gonna be first to fill Skye's lovely lady-box? The question is answered when Skye gets on her knees to blow Tony giving Rocky the chance to come around and fuck Skye from behind.

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Three Stunning Females Are Deceived Into Giving A CFNM Blowjob!

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Gloryhole Switch from PureCFNM

Three women are chatting about how gorgeous Trevor is and how they are convinced he looks like actor Danny Dyer. Robin earwigs on this and tells them that he can arrange for them to have some fun with him. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place as shortly afterwards the girls notice him chatting to Trevor and flashing them a positive signal. He walks over to them confirming that he has lined it up for them to hook up at a gloryhole for all their fantasies to come true. The women are really over the moon and hurry off to the toilet meeting place. As soon as Trevor’s dick jutts from the hole they each have a go to wank and blow it until it spunks everywhere – simply for Robin to walk out of the next stall and thank them for the blowjobs. They had been deceived!

It might seem naughty of this man to con the girls in that manner but do you blame him? I believe I would go to any lengths to have these three stunners chomping on my bell end! It’s another in a long line of horny Clothed Female Nude Male videos from PureCFNM, the global leader in fantasy Clothed Female Nude Male footage. Click here to view more like this from their giant selection of scenes.

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Download The Elevator Scene 6

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From: Colmax Video
Starring: Elodie Cherie
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Inviting Asian transsexual getting dirty in the bubble ass

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This red hot Asian tranny loves to take graceul warm baths and while she soaks in the beautiful warm soapy water she loves to play with her big little buddy. This sexy babe starts out with her dick under the water and then she moves the bubbles out of the way and uses her slender hand to stoke her cock as it starts to get hard in her hand. Her chubby perky boobies are above the water as she continues to stroke her hard dick and then she keeps rubbing her hard cock as she gets ready to go out for the evening and she hopes that she will find Mr. Right tonight!

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Renee Ross – Foursome

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The Red Hot Titty Peppers (Reyna Mae and Brandy Ryder) are visiting K-JUGS to promote their new CD. Samantha welcomes them to her radio show. "Good morning all you horny men out there in boob land. This is your favorite busty DJ, Samantha. And we have a surprise for you today in the studio. I don't have just one sexy, stacked singer with me. I have two busty babes here who want to show you just what they can do with their mouths. Everyone give a warm welcome to the Red Hot Titty Peppers!"

The girls introduce themselves to the listeners and Samantha announces the big contest of the day, a chance to fuck the Red Hot Titty Peppers right there in the studio live on the air! The board is jammed with calls but two guys score. Samantha tells them to get down to the station ASAP.

The two winners arrive and a dirty and wild foursome begins right there in Samantha's studio while she does the blow-by-blows (literally) on air and rubs herself at the same time--so turned on does she get watching Reyna and Brandy expertly take on these dudes.

A day at K-JUGS is not just another day!

Samantha gets into a thing with the high-strung station manager after the show. Something is beginning to boil over.

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Lacey Lay

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Lacey Lay Lacey Lay
Lacey Lay @
She's brand new to Interracial Porn and what better way for her to make a splash then by getting rocked by Mandingo? Lacey Lay is talking to the legendary swordsman about her recent dip into the interracial pool....then things get really interesting. Mandingo instructs the white slut as far as what to do,and the bitch does exactly as she told. "Take off my pants" is what Mandingo says and Lacey willingly obliges. The nervous new black cock slut does what her black master orders which includes sucking down every inch of his black torpedo. Lacey's perfectly natural tits jiggle and shake as Mandingo's massive black cock does work on that pussy. Mandingo hits that shit from all angles until Lacey's face gets tattooed with the words " Deposit black jizz here". And that's exactly how we end this interracial fiasco.
Lacey Lay Lacey Lay
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Andrea Sky

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Andrea Sky Andrea Sky
Andrea Sky @
Andrea Sky's Bucket List reads as follows: 1-Get her first ever taste of black cock 2-Get some insane double penetration going 3-Go back to Kansas with #1 and #2 under her belt and without her husband knowing what just happened. Andrea Sky's afternoon with Rico Strong and Wesley Pipes has provided her with a wealth of knowledge into the world of black power. Andrea's husband thinks that she's left their home in Kansas for a modeling gig her in the jungle. Actually, Andrea's about to model some big black cocks in all her holes while the old man is none the wiser. Andrea's never been with a black guy (let alone two),and she's not passing on the chance to experience the difference. Andrea's holes get filled with Compton cock as her face paints the picture of a married slut who's finally sexually satisfied. Andrea's ass and pussy form a tight grip of both black swords since they're areas that her husband's miniscule member can barely reach. Nevertheless, Andrea's "modeling gig" ends when Rico and Wesley deliver her first ever facial courtesy of thug dick. We have given you another milestone in a slut's life. We have a feeling more are gonna follow suite.
Andrea Sky Andrea Sky
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Download American Booty Scene 4

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From: Video Team
Starring: Envy
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