Download Pound The Round 1 Scene 5

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From: Digital Sin
Starring: Isis Taylor
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Download Cock Power Scene 2

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From: Bluebird Films
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Whornitas #03 – Will Powers & Aleksa Nicole

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Slutty latina Aleksa Nicole gets banged deep in her pussy.
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Anna Beck – Bangin’ Ms. Beck

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Bangin' Ms. Beck

Bangin' Ms. Beck

After a hard day of work, a man needs a cold drink and some pussy. While we don't have any cold beverages on hand, we do have one of our favorite girls Anna Beck. And she has the cure to what ails an overworked young man. Namely, a pair of M-cup tits and a mouth and pussy that are always ready for dick.

And Novis is ready for Anna as soon as he lays eyes on her scantily clad in a light pink negligee. He hastily pulls her tits out of her bra when she makes her way over to him and sucks on her breasts while pinching her nipples. He's getting Anna so worked up that she can't even wait til they get to the bedroom to taste his cock. Novis is still standing on the other side of the balcony railing, and she pulls his pole out of his shorts and sucks on his cock between the spaces in the railing.

These two are practically eating each other alive when they finally do get to the bedroom. Anna can't keep Novis' cock out of her mouth, and when he finally slides inside her cunt, he can't keep her mountain of tits out of his mouth. They're fucking with passion and intensity; the way sex was meant to be. And when you're bangin' Ms. Beck, this is the only way sex can be.

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Download Church Of Bootyism 01 Scene 2

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From: New Sensations
Starring: Charley Chase
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The past couple of Mark's parties have been wild… the beach then out with two chics in the middle of a patch of woods. Not too shabby. I was actually still on cloud nine over the two chics that when my secretary knocked on my door, I hadn't noticed, that is until she knocked a second time and opened the door.

“What on Earth are you doing in here Dave? Off in LaLa land again? I just got a call from Mark Sanders, says its vital you meet him for a conference this evening. Do you know who that is? I looked his name up in the rolodex and didn't see it and it's not on your schedule.”

She was always checking up on me, sometimes I felt like she was my mother instead of my secretary. She probably could have been. They were about the same age and had the same meddlesome nosiness about them. She was also one of those people that if someone was doing something a bit shady, she'd first feel the need to investigate and then second feel completely obligated to tell the entire company, all the while doing it in a way that doesn't come back to her. I've seen her in action. It would frighten a full grown Grizzly.

I nodded in her direction, making sure not to reveal my excitement. “Yes, yes I know who that is. Do me a favor would ya? Check my evening schedule. If there is anything that might even LOOK like it might run close to the Sanders' conference, I want it rescheduled.” She winked and turned out of my office. That wasn't uncommon, me canceling meetings at the last moment pending a new client or something. I moved the paper work that had covered my mahogany desk by the inches and searched for the calendar. Mark's parties have always been on Saturdays and my suspicions were confirmed by the calendar, it was Friday. I sat at my desk wondering what Mark was up to and then glanced at my watch. It was almost five. What time was this conference? I picked up the little orange post it note and read seven o'clock sharp. And it was almost about a thirty minute drive. I grabbed my coat and headed out the door. As I whirled past Inspector Gidget I rattled something off about having to change suits since I spilt coffee on this one. If anyone were to call about the Sanders Case, to let them know I'd be there with bells on. I couldn't help but chuckle as I hurried off to my place to shower and change.

I arrived at the location with plenty of time to spare, my thoughts wrapped up in what Mark's plans were and if there was in fact a party happening tonight. Of course that lead me to thinking about if there were actually a party, why were we meeting here and who was going to be the center. My mind raced as I took the elevator up to the twenty-second floor. There was a note on the door, “Sanders Meeting in Conference room 2B.”

I entered tentatively, half expecting a meeting and half wishing for a party. God knows I need one after the hellacious week I've had. Mark and Greg were greeting and mingling among the men that had already arrived. There seemed to be about twenty or so men and my heart sank. We've never had a party with this few of men. But, as time worn on more guys arrived and took positions around the room. After a few moments, Mark called the meeting to order and from the far end of the room a door opened. From the slightly cracked door came two legs that pressed against the wall and move in sync with each other. My heart raced. Two centers!! I tore my eyes from their sexy legs for a second to look for where they would be situated for the party. The lowered table in the center of the room was the only place I could fathom. Once I returned my gaze to where the luscious legs were, the two centers had already emerged.

Both women were completely naked. One I knew from previous parties. Mina, the stripper. Her counterpart in the center I'd never seen before. Not that I was complaining in the slightest. She was tall. Her legs went on for days and the lightest blonde wavy hair that seemed to caress her shoulders as she moved not to mention her perky handful sized tits.

They made their way over to the table and Mark offered his assistance to each of them as they stepped onto a chair then onto the tabletop. Someone hit some muted music and the conference room came alive with a slow seductive dance from the women and the hustling of fifty or so men trying to get out of their clothes. My eyes never left the sensual duo as I removed my pants and sports jacket.
Meanwhile both women had commenced to rub their naked bodies together, breasts against breasts, mouth to mouth. They looked like they were joined. As soon as my boxers were off my cock sprung to attention. I hadn't even noticed my growing hardon until then. My hand went down to my dick and I started stroking, slow at first and then picking up speed as I watched them.

Their hands were all over each other as if they were long time lovers that had just been reunited. Everyone could see the fire of lust blazing between them as they continued. The new girl had worked one of her hands down Mina's body to her shaved snatch, working her fingers in and out of her pussy lips causing Mina to moan loudly. She spread her legs for the buxom blonde, giving her easier access. My cock and hand were completely covered in precum as Mina began to rock her hips harder against her seductress's hand. Her moans became louder, faster and longer until her entire body quivered and her climax washed over her. After her breathing returned to a somewhat normal pace she and her lusty friend eased themselves down to the lowered table locked in a kiss. Mark of course took his usual stance over the women to start off the line. I counted the men in front of me… sixteen. Damn! I needed to get there earlier. I cursed the traffic as I continued to stroke my cock. Man after man grunted and came onto the dynamic duo covering them in a thick white goo.

They rolled about on the table, hands still roaming each other's body, only this time it was Mina's hand that found the honey pot. As the sexy blonde lay flat on her back, and the steady flow of cum rained down on their bodies, Mina began to finger fuck her. She squirmed underneath it all, her moans playing with my cock as I waited for my turn. Mina would bring her close to cumming and then let her down gently, not giving her that release she so desperately wanted! It was doing wonders for me as well.
It was finally my turn and I stood above them pumping my cock hard and fast as the writhing blonde's moans grew with my intensifying orgasm. I grunted with her and released a huge amount onto the two women, nailing them both across their slender necks. As I milked my cock dry I watched my cum roll down their skin and onto the table.

I stepped forward, giving the next guy his shot at them. As I cleaned up and got dressed I could hear their moans as his spunk was released onto them. Each of the remaining men blew their loads and stepped aside in about 30 minutes or so, all the while Mina was still toying with her co-center. After the last of us emptied his jism onto the sexy centers Mina let the blonde have it and finger fucked her like no tomorrow. All of us watched intently as she worked her over the edge. Her orgasm was so intense she almost screamed as she peaked. Her entire body quivered and jiggled against the hardwood table. Mina worked her over her climax and gently brought her down, with a sly smile on her face. They locked in another kiss. We could see their tongues dancing in and out of their mouths. I felt my cock jump again.
Mark brought us back to the conference room by thanking us all for coming and hoped we had a blast. For as long as I can remember he's made some sort of pun at the end of a party. I didn't mind, as long as there was a party for every pun.

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Guy Is Forced To Get His Penis Out For Well Known Magazine

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Cocks On Page Four from PureCFNM

The Sun Newspaper has infamously restored women with their boobs out on Page 3 – but this time they have gone even further! They are going to show naked men on page four to provide equality to females. Simon is the first guy to be photographed for the new feature but he is very concerned and his manager Red even has to tug his pants down in front of the female photographers. Watch the sample clip here to watch what happens when they start taking photos but then decide it would look more raunchy if his dick was at full size. They wank him to a big hard on but he gets carried away and erupts over Sienna’s gorgeous tits!

What a lucky man! Not only did he have three babes wanking him until he exploded on a wonderful pair of tits – but he is even going to have his naked pictures looked at by thousands of females in a newspaper! I would swap places with him without a thought. Click here for more sexy fantasy videos from PureCFNM now.

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Download My Boyfriends Black And Ill Never Go Back 4 Scene 1

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From: Studio 69
Starring: Tori
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Download Big Hooters 2 Scene 2

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From: Sex Sense
Starring: Niki Blond
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Download Big Breasts Are Best Vol 10 Scene 4

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From: Studio 69
Starring: Athena Pleasures
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Download Sex Is For Lovers 2 Scene 4

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From: DDF Productions
Starring: Esmeralda
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30 Firey Hot!

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I have never been so hot in my life. There were like twenty men all standing around me, their hands stroking their cocks while they all stared at me.

Mark had convinced me to come to one of his parties, and so I did. I left my long red hair down, and dressed up in a hot little black dress with fishnet stockings and high stilettos for the night, and when Mark let me in I was ready to party.

I was surprised to see all of those guys there, since I was the only girl. I asked Mark about it and he told me that they all thought redheads were hot and all wanted to cum on me. It only took me about three seconds to agree, and I stripped off the dress but left my stockings and shoes on, just because there are some guys who really like them and I think they're sexy, too.

Standing there with nothing on but my shoes and stockings, I looked at each man in turn as I slowly turned around for them to see me. My bright blue eyes danced as each guy starting taking off his clothes, leaving the clothes in piles wherever they fell. I licked my lips and looked at Mark, who took
my hand and led me to a small raised platform near the middle of the room.I got up on the platform and knelt, spreading my thighs wide, my shaved pussy spreading and glistening with dew. They all gathered around, and I leaned back, letting my long red hair fall off the edge of the platform.

My fingers reached up and began to stroke my nipples, the sensitive points hardening almost instantly with just a touch. I moaned softly, the sound carrying to the ears of the men surrounding me. My eyes watched as they all stroked and jerked their meat, my tongue licking dry lips invitingly.I dipped my fingers down to my hot snatch, whimpering as I stroked my clit. My button sent waves of sensation through me every time I touched it, and it soon became impossible to stop my hips as they arched and bucked skyward. Through a haze of passion, I watched as all the men got closer to me, my ears hearing more than the occasional groan and whimper.I looked at Mark, moaning loudly as I brought my wet fingers to my lips to taste my honey. He groaned as he watched me, then shot his load all over my tits.

I moaned as his hot jism spilled onto my flesh, my fingers already heading for it even before he finished. Smearing it around, I watched as he stepped back and another guy took his place, arcing his cum over my abdomen. Gleefully I began to rub it over the skin even as another man stepped up to send his cum over my body.Soon I had cum all over me, some on my feet, my legs, my torso and my face. I was in heaven, and some guy even popped his load into my hair. Creamy goo had found its way all over my body, and there were still more guys stepping up to cum on me. I stuck out my tongue, wanting to taste the hot liquid, and a big black man came up and offered his, splashing my lips and tongue with the salty-sweet juice I craved.

Eventually everyone got to cum, and Mark helped me to the bathroom to wash up, inviting me to stay a while and have a few drinks. I stayed, figuring that it was fun to be the only girl in the house.

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