Suzumi Wilder – Picture Perfect

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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Suzumi Wilder's brought along a new and sexy outfit for her XXX scene with JMac at XLGirls. She's a real pleaser, this sexy blonde coed from South Carolina. JMac can't help but take some cellphone photos of Suzumi for his personal collection. Every guy would feel the same way.

JMac can't wait to have hot sex with this pretty, blonde, ivory-skinned doll. He takes more shots of Suzumi in bed sucking her nipples. This will drive anyone crazy. He gets next to her and they look at the shots. Suzumi gets ass up and hovers over JMac to fill her sweet, wet mouth with dick then kneels while he stands and fucks her mouth.

Back on her back for a boob-banging, Suzumi is just getting warmed up. His hands are over her hands squeezing her big 44DDD boobs together to make a tight tit-tunnel for his skin train. For Suzumi's first rack ride, she gets on top and bounces, screaming as her pussy is pumped hard. Young, busty ladies always cum first.

Suzumi Wilder: too damn sexy for her bra.

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Five Girls Convince Male Stripper To Let Them Jerk His Testicles Dry

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Surprise Stripper from PureCFNM

Ruby was hoping for a nice gentle hen evening but best pal Hannah has plans of her own and hires a surprise stripper! As the music begins the gang of females soon get into aparty mood and are whooping and laughing as his clothes are removed. Watch the sample clip here to see what occurs when even the reserved females have their hands all over the fit male stripper and Ruby rips off his skimpy thong so they can all admire his penis. The girls grow more confident and commence playing with his cock which soon becomes fully erect and as they take turns to play with it the stripper shoots his load all over Ava’s leg.

It takes a brave man to remove his underwear in a room packed with drunken girls. But this guy received an awesome CFNM handjob from the gang of lust-filled girls. I particularly loved the manner in which they cried out and went nuts when they first set eyes on his enormous cock. Click here to watch the complete scene at PureCFNM now.

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Angel biker

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We saw there was a fantastic motorbike parked in the street and we had to stop to have a look at it. After a while, its owner arrived, a hot blonde with who we talked and got to know that she's a model and also pretty nasty, so we offered her some money to make her come with us to a bit more secluded place...

Angel biker

Angel biker

Angel biker

Angel biker

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Amirah Adara Gets Some Black Steele In Her Ass

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Facial joy

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Tina Kay is a very cheerful and horny but also beautiful girl. She needs a big load of semen for her face every time she's on visit in Spain. And who is gonna be the lucky provider? CumLouder, of course! Since we are gentlemen, we don't even doubt about pleasing the desires of a such a beauty like Tina and decide to offer her an intense facial joy thanks to Moisex's cock.

Facial joy

Facial joy

Facial joy

Facial joy

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Sashaa Juggs – The Juggs For The Job

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The Juggs For The Job

The Juggs For The Job

The personnel manager interviewing Sashaa Juggs for a new position soon finds he has one of the greatest jobs in the world, not that he gets applicants as built as Sashaa every day of the week.

This interview is going especially well for both of them. Sashaa is a girl who knows what she wants and how to get ahead as well as give great head. "I go slow and keep it really wet and sloppy," Sashaa said about giving head. "And I can deepthroat. I saw it in porn and tried it and got better with practice. I like to draw it out and have the guy begging me to cum, but I won't let him till I decide to finish him off. Then I swallow it all."

That's exactly what's next for this couple as they move from the table to the couch. There's only so much big-jug titillation a guy can take before he needs to take action and Sashaa is very encouraging. Under the big clock, Sashaa gets big cock. And Sashaa has the huge tits for a big rod. Now that he's hired Sashaa after a post-interview poking, that couch is going to get plenty of use in the future. She's got the jugs for the job.

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Download Dynamite Rya Narishima Scene 2

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From: DreamRoom Productions
Starring: Rya Narishima
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Queen Of Goo Viktoria

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viktoria fixed size

Queen Of Goo Viktoria!

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Dirty Fighting

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The long awaited fight between the two hardest dicks of the industry ended up in a big disappointment. PacCock couldn't take his speed to show because DickWeather didn't want to fight. It wasn't because he was afraid, it was because he was feeling more interested in the ring girl who was showing off her sign and also her sexy curves.

Dirty Fighting

Dirty Fighting

Dirty Fighting

Dirty Fighting

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Download Gutter Mouths Scene 3

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From: JM Productions
Starring: Nena Anderson
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Denise Davies – Denise Davies Jackumentary

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Denise Davies Jackumentary

Denise Davies Jackumentary

British boobstar Denise Davies gets the spotlight in a Jackumentary overview of her shoots at TSG in both England and the States, including her pregnant shoots.

"My nipples always go hard. Always. I always play with my boobs and masturbate. It's fun. It's almost better than full-on sex sometimes. I mean, sometimes I'll be at home alone, and I'll just start playing with my tits and sucking on them. That's why I can survive without men, you see, because I can play with my own boobs. I can shove dildos up me, too. I definitely prefer a real cock, but if one's not available, I can make do with a dildo. I can get on all fours, put a dildo in my pussy and clench my pussy muscles so they'll just hold it there for, like, two minutes. I have very strong pussy muscles."

Denise and her unbelievably huge tits continue to get lots of attention. "My areolae are five inches. Somebody once measured them for me. An amateur photographer did it. And they weigh 10 pounds each."

Denise talks about tits, orgasms, cocks and sex in a casual and natural way and that makes what she says even hornier. She even said she has a dirtier mind than most guys.

"I've never had a bloke go away complaining. I love doing naughty things with my big tits. Sucking on them. Biting them. Wrapping them around a big cock. Making a cock cum all over them. Just about whatever you want to do to them, I'm good with it."

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Our Little Game | Sex Story

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I've known Tablitha, or Tabby as I affectionately dubbed her, since we were in high school. She was the new girl and completely wild and crazy! We clicked right from the get go. I look back on those days like they're yesterday. Hmm, more like 15 years ago at least. I've lost count. She and Mark are really the only two folks I've kept up with. Anyways, Tabby is a huge sport when it comes to satisfying my desire to embarrass the hell out of her.

It started in high school after I'd known her for a good while. Man, I've taken her blind folded just about everywhere and not once has she tried to cheat or back out of it. She's been to a professional photographer courtesy of yours truly. She loves the surprise.I love the look on her face when I take off the blindfold and she tries to assess the situation! It makes me hard as a rock. It makes me laugh my ass
off too.

I know a lot of people wouldn't even begin to understand our relationship. We've had sex, but we're not an item. We're drawn together by the spontaneity of the moment and the unknown. The only constant is our friendship. Once I mutter the words, “Trust me,” she's all mine.Mark had told me he was having a hard time finding a center that could be at the next party. Each one he called, although excited about being invited, couldn't show up for one reason or another. So, I threw Tabby into the hat. I filled Mark in. He had known that she and I was a weird couple, but he didn't know that I still ‘got' her from time to time.

I called her up and asked if she was doing anything that Saturday night. She said she was free. I had her meet me at seven o'clock. She showed up at seven-thirty. Right on time. She's reliably thirty minutes late and over the years I've adjusted to it!I got her in my grasp as soon as she hopped out of the car and had the blindfold over her eyes even faster. We sped off to Mark's place.The plan was to have her enter after everyone was there. And to have her blindfolded through the whole party. This was great!!After a brief conversation with Mark I lead her into the house and up onto the three-foot platform. She looked so sexy up there, nervous and so unaware. Helpless almost.

I told her to strip and she did. The entire room was in a complete hush as we watched more and more of her perfect body become exposed. Her nipples were hard as pebbles, so I knew she was enjoying this.Once she was naked I told her to lie down. She was nervous, so her slight hesitation was to be expected. Her breasts bounced and swayed gently as she lowered herself down onto the platform. Mark walked right up next to her head. She got spooked and moved her arm up to peak through the blindfold. My quick words or reassurance that all was well calmed her down and Mark continued. His soft moans and grunts filled the room.I watched as her breathing grew quicker and once his cum hit her skin, her heart doubled in its beating. I watched as the goose bumps began to rise along her body. She moaned lightly as she got used to the feel of his spunk on her skin.

I was in the circle around her, standing at her side, wanting to explode on to her unsuspecting body. I watched as she began to rub the jism into her soft skin and squirm just a few feet underneath us.I felt the familiar stirring at the base of my throbbing cock. I was about to cum. I moved my hand faster as I watched her continue to moan, squirm and rub. Her luscious tits gently rolling back and forth.”Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh!”I released onto her. She jumped slightly as my spunk hit her flesh and her hands quickly moved to the spot and began rubbing it in. I stepped back and watched and the rest of the mob had their way with her.

Shot after shot covered her body from head to toe. The cum was pooling on her quivering tummy, dripping down her sides, in between her thighs as she tried to keep up with her quest to rub it all in.She looked as well as sounded like she was thoroughly enjoying herself! Her moans grew with intensity as more and more cum covered her slender body.Once everyone was satisfied I had her stand up. The site of all that cum dripping on her body was definitely mind blowing. She looked even sexier than before, if that is possible.Her breasts bounced merrily as she giggled after taking a look around. She smiled at me and winked. I turned to Mark and nodded. She's definitely a call back!

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