Lisa Canon – Lisa Canon Jackumentary

Posted by Free Sex under BBW on Wednesday Sep 30, 2015

Lisa Canon Jackumentary

Lisa Canon Jackumentary

Originally an XL Girls discovery, Lisa Canon was brand new to the world of adult photography in 2010. Her first trip to our studio fulfilled one of her fantasies, opening the gates of her sexuality even more.

"I've thought about someone watching me have sex a couple of times, and it is a turn-on. But besides the one time I was giving my significant other a blow job in the car while people were watching us, I've never really had someone else watching. That one time was an accident 'cause I didn't know they were out there."

Then Lisa came to XL Girls, came and discovered she enjoyed showing her ripe rack and being dicked by porn studs while the cameras rolled. It was unlike anything she'd ever done before.

Said 20-year-old Lisa, "I was looking at one of your magazines and saw that you needed models, so I called, and the next day, I got everything going. I was nervous when I got here. It was exciting, but it was nerve-wracking at the same time."

The nerves went away and Lisa was game for the game. She would eventually do creampies, anal, anal creampies, interracial, two guys, the works!

This Jackumentary is dedicated to one of XL Girls' hottest and biggest-boobed babes, country-girl pretty and a true girl-next-door, or GND as we call them at The SCORE Group.

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Savannah Stevens

Posted by Free Sex under Interracials on Monday Sep 28, 2015
Savannah Stevens Savannah Stevens
Savannah Stevens @
She's a big-tittied blonde who strips in Houston Texas when she's not in Porn Valley, and when she is in Porn Valley, real-life black cock slut Savannah Stevens is usually getting the BBC, of course! Today's no exception, as the "Johnson Brothers", Moe and Ricky, take turns reaming Savannah's warm, wet mouth and tight, pink cunt. Savannah's a Size Queen, and both bulls have what it takes to stretch her white holes to maximum width before they drop Savannah to her knees and paint her face with their thick, warm jizz.
Savannah Stevens Savannah Stevens
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Savana Blue – Breastfest In Bed

Posted by Free Sex under BBW on Friday Sep 18, 2015

Breastfest In Bed

Breastfest In Bed

Savana Blue gets treated to a "Breastfest In Bed" by her boff-buddy Tarzan because Savana's special and she has great big tits and a big juicy butt. He gives Savana a taste of the lavish snack he has prepared for her, fit for a queen.

However, Tarzan is in a hurry to start swinging his dick in Savana's direction so her meal is cut short so he can feast on her big boobs and give her his tubesteak to enjoy. Savana is a lusty babe and she's happy to open her tight pussy and butthole after she treats him to a blow job and tit-bang! The feel of her tight ass and her urging him to lose his load over her hooters leads to a messy but happy ending.

Savana's favorite kind of dates are "Fuck dates. I like kissing, sucking my date off and dirty talking. I love doggie style fucking and big cocks."
"My special talents? I can sing and play the piano. I love getting my toes sucked and covered in cum. I also love BBC."

A very well-rounded girl! Enjoy this tasty little 4'11" morsel with 46I-cup breasts!

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Mini Hotcore!

Posted by Free Sex under Bukkake on Friday Sep 18, 2015

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Karmen Karma

Posted by Free Sex under Interracials on Thursday Sep 17, 2015
Karmen Karma Karmen Karma
Karmen Karma @
Trick or treat! Ah, you have to love this time of the year. Karmen Karma sure does. She's getting dolled-up for Halloween in her "naughty cop" outfit when there's a knock at her door. Kinda early in the day for Trick-or-Treaters...especially adult Trick-or-Treaters. But these two have something up their sleeves. They know about Karmen, her slutty ways, and that her Hubby is out at the store. Be careful what you post on Social Media! And sure enough, these two hit the jackpot. Karmen's down for anything, and we do mean anything. For the first time, all holes are available, and our Black Bulls do as they please with them, including loading them up with their large, sticky loads. This is Karmen Karma's first interracial double penetration, but we're sure it won't be her last.
Karmen Karma Karmen Karma
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Alexa Grace

Posted by Free Sex under Interracials on Friday Sep 4, 2015
Alexa Grace Alexa Grace
Alexa Grace @
Alexa Grace might be one of the hottest babes to jump off the bus in Porn Valley in quite some time. Standing almost 6 feet tall, she's a leggy blonde who's as beautiful as many runway models. It's a hot summer day when we first encounter Alexa, and she's taking a dip in the pool. Soon she's joined by the one-and-only Mandingo, a man whose legend precedes him. It doesn't take Alexa long to open wide for "Dingo" and his foot-long member, and in the same amount of time he's stretching Alexa's tight, pink cunt to its limit. After getting dicked down Grade-A fashion, beautiful Alexa drops to her knees to swallow every drop Mandingo has for her. This scene is destined to become another Dogfart classic!
Alexa Grace Alexa Grace
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Casey Calvert

Posted by Free Sex under Interracials on Tuesday Sep 1, 2015
Casey Calvert Casey Calvert
Casey Calvert @
During the hot summer months, there's nothing quite like a refreshing pool party. Casey Calvert's excited, because her pal Tone Capone invited her to a "big one" with "lots of people -- couples, mostly". Casey's a bit confused when she shows up, however, because Tone's party consists of 9 other people -- and they're all black dudes. The truth is, Tone knows Casey's a black cocks slut, and he's positive she won't have the will power to say no to a gang bang...once she's there. Oh, sure, it's easy for Casey to say "no thanks" over the phone, but to walk away from 10 Black Bulls in dressed only in swim trunks is a whole other matter. Tone's correct, too. While she's "thinking about it" in the cabana, Casey decides against wearing the one-piece suit she brought for the party and chooses a micro-bikini, knowing full well what she's about to walk in to. Her only rule? Only in the ass...that way, she's not "cheating" on her boyfriend.
Casey Calvert Casey Calvert
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Little Asian cum doll!

Posted by Free Sex under Asian, Bukkake on Friday Aug 21, 2015

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Valentina Nappi

Posted by Free Sex under Interracials on Tuesday Aug 18, 2015
Valentina Nappi Valentina Nappi
Valentina Nappi @
Valentina Nappi is a porn star. That term is often tossed around loosely, but not when it concerns Ms. Nappi. Valentina's an Italian sexual dynamo. Her big, phat ass matches her big, all-natural tits. Take one look at her beautifully trimmed snatch, then realize it's as tight as it is pink and wet. Take a look at her other superb scenes across The Dogfart Network: most recently, it as an 11-man gang bang over at Moe's new strip joint; Valentina's first appearance at Blacks On Blondes was a D.P. that left members speechless; she's as great a cuckoldress as she is taking on 11 black bulls using only her mouth to get them all off. The icing on the cake? Today it's Valentina versus Mandingo. Mandingo. Perhaps the most well-endowed male performer ever to step foot in Porn Valley, and you're about to witness Valentina take Mandingo up her tight asshole. Dingo opens up her pussy until it gapes, and he's going to do the same thing to her ass. You'll be shouting "bellissima!" after this one's all said and done.
Valentina Nappi Valentina Nappi
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Jenna Ivory

Posted by Free Sex under Interracials on Saturday Aug 15, 2015
Jenna Ivory Jenna Ivory
Jenna Ivory @
As you're well away, a lot of debauchery goes down at the Dogfart Social Club. Whether it's drinkin' or smokin' or gamblin', this crew of black bulls has a favorite hangout for sure. There's an extra fixture in today's madness, and it happens to be the beautiful blonde black cock slut, Jenna Ivory. Her sole purpose at the club is the same as all the white girls who get invited: to be used. Jenna's kept in a head cage to be used at Bulls' whim. So, in the middle of a card game, a drink, or at the end of a joke, she may be groped, stripped, fingered, or put on her knees, where her eager mouth is used to pleasure the crew. When Jenna's mouth isn't enough, there's 2 more holes to use, and Jenna offers them up willingly. After the crew drop their loads into Jenna's mouth, it's a big swallow before she's put away...only to be brought out again when they're ready for Round 2.
Jenna Ivory Jenna Ivory
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Trinity Michaels – Trinity’s Jailhouse Cock

Posted by Free Sex under BBW on Wednesday Aug 12, 2015

Trinity's Jailhouse Cock

Trinity's Jailhouse Cock

Jail is no fun. Unless the prisoner is XL Girl Trinity Michaels in this spectacular XXX fuck scene. Trinity is prisoner number 42-32-40-38DDD. She is still waiting for charges to be pressed against her. The wheels of justice move slowly. In the meantime, something else is going to be pressed against Trinity.

Standing by Trinity's jail cell, guard JMac eats a chocolate bar. Trinity wants some of that. She's a got a sweet tooth for candy. She also has a sweet tooth for cock that's as hard as her cell's bars. JMac is in a bartering mood. He teases Trinity. A boob feel for a bite. Trinity eagerly agrees. Bartering is how it's done in and out of the hoosegow.

It doesn't take long for Trinity to switch from the candy bar to JMac's beef bar. This nasty-hot brunette can suck the paint off those prison bars and her big fuckin' tits were made for fuckin' cock. JMac breaks the rules by entering Trinity's cell but he can't help it. He's got to show Trinity why jail is called the slammer and sink his cock into her! Case dismissed!

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Megyn Gets Trumped

Posted by Free Sex under Interracials, Milf on Tuesday Aug 11, 2015
Megyn Gets Trumped Megyn Gets Trumped
Megyn Gets Trumped @
Unless you've been living on another planet since last week's first GOP debate, then you'll know all about "The Donald" and the debate's moderator, "Megan". Gotta love Donald, shit talkin' women like it's going out of style, and when Megan calls him out on the bad behavior, Donald does his best to look good on camera. What no one saw is what you're about to see: post-debate, in the green room, a furious Megan is waiting to confront Donald on last time. What she doesn't know is Donald's about to prove himself right -- girls are best being sluts on their knees -- and he's bringing out the Kryptonite in the form of two black bulls, naked and aroused. You'll be surprised how fast Donald wins another debate, and how fast Megan is naked with stretched holes. Cum-filled holes. Put another notch in the win column for "The Donald."
Megyn Gets Trumped Megyn Gets Trumped
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