Wicked Stepdaughters from PureCFNM

Pandora wants a horny night and undresses her husband and chains him to the bed posts. Take a look at the trailer here to view what occurs as she then heads off to enjoy a bath, leaving him to dream of the raunchy fun to come. Sadly, his wife’s two daughters burst in and agree to take advantage, grabbing his dick and laughing about how fast it gets hard. As the females straddle him and take turns to jack it, the view of their firm figures in their nightwear causes him to shoot all over himself before the ladies run out before they are discovered!

Really funny how the mother believed he had cum without touching himself simply at the thought of her! Incorrect, my dear, your young girls have actually made an old man very happy – lol! Wonderful CFNM from the global leaders in the fetish, PureCFNM.

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How To Suck from PureCFNM

Topless model Roxi Lloyd does her first ever BJ on film in this movie! Young Lola is confiding in pals that her boyfriend has asked her to swallow his dick just as Chantelle and her fella walk in. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place when it turns out that shy Lola has never sucked cock before! Naturally Chantelle offers to show her using her boyfriend’s big interracial cock. When his big cock flops out all the girls demand a go and before long they are all sucking away until he cums across Roxi’s huge breasts!

These girls clearly love huge dicks – especially black ones since they were almost fighting each other to get their hands on it. It’s so horny when ladies just can’t keep their hands off – click here to watch more like this from PureCFNM now.

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Straight Jacket Liberties from PureCFNM

Angelina is providing two women with a tour of the psychiatric hospital when they walk in on Bob playing chess with himself. She tells them that Bob was brought to the hospital after showing his cock to girls in the park and he is on this ward to learn he is only able to flop his dick out when the lady consents. Watch the sample clip here to watch what takes place when, to prove her point, she pulls his trousers down right in front of them! The other women are taken aback but are mesmerized by curious about his rock hard penis. Soon they are each wanking and blowing his erection until he has a big ejaculation which takes them unawares!

Getting pantsed by three girls when you’re restrained and powerless to stop them – how horny is that?! I’d love to be this guy – and I could be! PureCFNM allows subscribers to take part in their videos – I’m on my way there now to put my name down!

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Choosing Dresses from PureCFNM

Honour and Jasmine are attempting to decide which clothes to wear for their night on the town. They decide to use house-mate Daniel as a “stiffie-meter” – undressing from dress to dress to find out which one makes his penis harden the most. Watch the sample clip here to watch what takes place as they laugh as he tents in his trousers as soon as he sees them in their underwear. They then tug down his pants and cheer as his dick twitches up and down as they try on different outfits. When they take turns to wank his cock and Jasmine sucks him he all of a sudden ejaculates on Honour’s dress!

These two ladies look incredibly hot in their sexy underwear. They could try on outfits in front of me all night and my hard on would never drop. Click here to watch more from these two hotties at PureCFNM now!

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Glamour Model Is Corrupted Into CFNM Fuck Session By Pervy Site Owner

Posted by Free Sex under CFNM, Fetish on Friday Sep 15, 2017

Corrupting Ella from PureCFNM

Come and see the manipulation of a watching only Lady Voyeurs glamour model! Having done two hands off movies, Ella visits PureCFNM asking for more shoots but the pervy producer will only offer her more involved work. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what takes place when he begins manipulating her by fondling her boobs and getting his penis out in front of her. He then persuades the surprised woman to wank him off, then suck his dick and Ella is taken by surprise as he bends her over the desk and pounds her pussy before jizzing on her face!

A nice new angle on the usual defenseless guy in CFNM movies. This time the pervy nude guy corrupts a fully dressed lady resulting in him fucking her. Click here for more different CFNM from the global leaders PureCFNM now.

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Locker Room Bullies from PureCFNM

The university nerd has just walked into the locker room when three mean hockey ladies on him. They tease him, calling him a virgin and shouting he must have a small dick – then they decide to see if they are right! Watch the sample clip here to view what happens when, ignoring his protests, they and pull his hands apart to display his dick. As they fondle it his dick gets bigger and bigger until they are very shocked by the size. They each have a go at stroking the young boner until he shoots his load everywhere. The mean girls then spank him as they walk out!

This guy may have felt degraded by this but it sounds like a fantasy come to life if you ask me! Being stripped by three gorgeous females and commanded to surrender my cum to them – where do I sign up? Obviously at PureCFNM.com.

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No PE Kit from PureCFNM

Jack doesn’t have his gym kit with him again so tutor Rebecca forces him to do the session in his pants – only he doesn’t have any on! Watch the sample clip here to see what happens when, to teach him a lesson, she hauls him to the front of the entire class and strips him naked in front of all the girls! The humiliated boy is then forced to wank in front of them while they all laugh before the women ask if they can have a fondle themselves. each of them then stroke and blow his penis and even the teacher has a turn before he cums in Liz’s mouth, his semen dripping from her lips!

Imagine bring made to undress completely in front of a group of women? How degrading that would be! Or would it just give you a massive stiffie like this guy? Another sexy fantasy CFNM scene from PureCFNM.

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VR Humiliation from PureCFNM

Three women catch their room-mate watching VR sex movies and stand staring and laughing for quite a while as he jerks off. Take a look at the trailer here to see what occurs when they also record it on their phones. Eventually they grab the viewer off him they begin whacking his dick to tell him off but he begins to enjoy it. The females start stroking his throbbing dick while degrading him and when he cums all over his tummy, they gather up the semen and shove it all over his face while laughing and videoing some more!

Poor guy didn’t realize they were staring at what he was doing until it was too late, but I really liked how his penis got harder and harder each time they whacked it. He obviously got off on the torment so it wasn’t a surprise when he surrendered a big load of spunk for them to watch and laugh at!

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Come Dine On Me from PureCFNM

Billy is getting dinner ready for his five women friends when one at a time they come into the kitchen and have a feel of his penis! Every woman believes she is the “special one” but as soon as they discover he has enjoyed some sexy times with them all, they turn the tables on him. Take a look at the trailer here to view what happens as they jump on him and strip him naked before manhandling him onto the table so they can dine on his cock! They take turns to stroke and suck his big young penis until he jizzes in Dolly’s mouth. The females howl with laughter as the semen drips from her lips!

This man thought he was being a bit of a stud but the group of ladies gave him some of his own medicine and did what they wanted with him for their own pleasure. I really get off on viewing a hot lady take a cumshot in her mouth though – another great CFNM action from PureCFNM!

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Penis Parade from PureCFNM

Dr Misha is carrying out a study on male sexual excitement and has persuaded four naked male victims to be test subjects. In turn she summons forward the embarrassed males|guys|men]] and carries out a series of checks on their dicks. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs when to begin with she feels their genitalia and does a comparison with each other. Then she takes a tape measure and notes down each dick length on her notepad. She even takes a load of photos of their throbbing boners to show her women co workers before jerking off each stud into a cup and examining the contents!

I really get off on videos like this where the guys are simply treated like penis carriers and the girl is just focused on their throbbing stiffie. Its really raunchy to view a woman sizing up men’s penises and comparing them as well! Click here for more from PureCFNM now!

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Curing Inexperience from PureCFNM

Sade is sad because her lack of experience with guys is hindering her from having a relationship. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when her three friends plan to solve this and beckon the gardener in from outside. Sade doesn’t know where to look as they ask him to take his clothes off and when he refuses they pounce on him and tear his clothes off. The young woman looks open mouthed at her first dick and is gobsmacked when the others force her to touch it. The four of them then milk his dick until he shoots, prompting Sade to blurt out “what’s that stuff?”

A gorgeous young girl enjoying her first sight and feel of a penis. With her friends all present to teach her what to do with it. It’s every male’s fantasy to be the object of all the attention in this scene. Click here to view more male fantasies come to life at PureCFNM.

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Yoga Babes Torment And Milk Defenseless CFNM Man

Posted by Free Sex under CFNM, Fetish on Friday Jul 28, 2017

Giggling Ballbusters from PureCFNM

Exercise instructor Barbie is going to discipline Jason for perving on the women from her class. She announces that they will each give him a handjob – providing he lets them punch and whack him in the testicles! Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when he reluctantly goes along with it and the females strip him naked before each having a go to knee and slap him in the groin. They then shove him onto the floor and alternate between hurting and wanking his dick until he has a huge cumshot. Barbie then delights in wiping the jizz up and shoving it all over his face!

It is a difficult call for any male to make – have these three babes jerk you off but suffering a ball kicking as a result. I think I would go through with it just to enjoy their gorgeous fingers around my penis! Click here for more Clothed Female Naked Male movies from PureCFNM now.

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